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Gift Ideas for Him: How to Make Beard Oil at Home (with just 4 ingredients!)

by Kimberly Duran 07 Dec 2022 5 Comments

Looking for a great gift for him this Christmas? Whether it’s your dad, brother, significant other or just a friend, our nourishing beard oil is sure to be a hit this season. Not only is it simple to make with four light and nourishing oils that are great for the skin and facial hair, but with the addition of our Aventos for Men fragrance oil, smells incredible too.

Beard Oil at Home gift idea

Beard oils are much more skin focused than other beard care products. They are a formulated blend of oils chosen to help with your skin. If the skin is healthy and well-nourished, this will, in turn, naturally improve beard growth and appearance.

How so? Massaging beard oils into the skin will promote circulation of blood flow to the surface of the skin which helps the hair follicles to stay healthy. In turn, this helps control itchiness, ingrown hairs, acne, and dandruff, making it easier to style or tame beard hair, giving a healthier, groomed appearance.

Jump straight in to our video above to see just how easy it is to make your very own beard oil. Read on to see our written step by step tutorial and find out why we are using the ingredients we’ve chosen for this luxury beard oil.

The best part is that you’ll know that no additional nasties have been added and you’ll save on costs compared to pre-made beard oils that are on the market.

Please note: Our tutorial is designed for personal use only. You will need to follow all legal responsibilities before selling any products that come into contact with skin.

Difficulty: Beginner

Makes: 2 x 30ml bottles of beard oil (or approximately 57g of product)


beard oil Ingredients


Beard Oil Equipment

Precision scales or kitchen scales

100ml glass or plastic measuring cup

Stirring Rod or Spoon

Small funnel

2 x 30ml dropper bottles

Step 1 – Measure Fragrance Oil

Measure Fragrance Oil

Measure out 0.56g of the Aventos for Men fragrance oil into your glass or plastic measuring cup.

Step 2 – Add Almond Oil

Add Almond Oil

Reset your scales back to zero and add 20g of sweet almond oil into the same beaker.

Step 3 – Add Jojoba Oil

Add Jojoba Oil

Reset your scales to zero and add 20g of jojoba oil to the mixture.

Step 4 – Add Hemp Seed Oil

Add Hemp Seed Oil

Reset your scales again to zero and add 16g of Hemp seed oil to the mixture.

Step 5 - Mix

mix seed oil

Stir all ingredients for a minute or two to make sure they are fully combined.

Step 6 – Pour into Bottles

Pour into Bottles

Using the funnel, pour your beard oil into the dropper bottles.

You can use your beard oil right away.

How to Use a Beard Oil

How to Use a Beard Oil

We’d recommend using 3-4 drops of oil, daily or every other day.

Using the dropper, place 3 to 4 drops into your hands and rub together. Apply and massage into the skin under your beard first, then work the rest through the beard until it’s fully absorbed.

We’d recommend not using too much at one time and ensure you massage well into your skin and beard to avoid your beard feeling greasy or having anything which may come into contact with your beard (like a mobile) left with a greasy coating!

You can apply the oil either after showering or straight into your dry beard.

Which Carrier Oils Work Best in Beard Oil?

Which Carrier Oils Work Best in Beard Oil?

Choosing oils that are close to the skins natural oils is key to a good beard oil. The last thing you want is to be smothering your skin and beard with a greasy mess. Heavy greasy oils will cause clogged pores, oily acne prone skin and it will bring hardly any goodness as the oil can't easily be absorbed by the skin.

The oils within this recipe are light and full of goodness. Easily absorbed into the skin, these oils will not only nourish the skin (and in turn the beard) they will help moisturise, keep your skin healthy and your beard maintained.

Here we will explain a little on how each of the oils we have use will help keep your skin healthy and your beard looking dapper:

Jojoba Oil

This light textured oil helps balance your skin's sebum production, giving you harmonious, hydrated skin, the natural way.

Jojoba oil is full of essential fatty acids, Oleic, Erucic and Eicosenoic Acid, and high in Vitamin E, giving it anti-oxidant properties which are beneficial for anti-aging and protective properties for the skin.

  • Jojoba oil stimulates collagen production and can help to shield skin against UV damage
  • Hydrates dry skin and helps regulate sebum production of oily skin while soothing sensitive or inflamed skin
  • Extremely moisturising
  • Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to balance sebum levels
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral
  • Does not clog pores

Sweet Almond Oil

A powerhouse in skin care, sweet almond oil is packed with nutrients like vitamin A, essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc. It's also rich in Vitamin E, one of the most important antioxidants there is.

Sweet Almond Oil is excellent for nourishing dry skin and helping to soothe inflammation.

  • Full of antioxidants, ideal to slow down the ageing process
  • Full in Vitamin A, essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium, zinc and Vitamin E
  • Ideal for dry and sensitive skin
  • Light weight, nearly odourless and light in colour
  • Absorbs quickly, leaving the skin hydrated and silky smooth

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is high in omega acids 3, 6 and 9, all of which help repair the skins barrier and helps to keep moisture locked in. It's used in many skin care products due to its ability to help with inflammation and help balance the skin.

  • Helps rejuvenate and nourish tight or dry skin, helping to prevent flakiness and itchiness
  • Will not clog pores
  • Helps to restore the skins barrier
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Anti-bacterial

Can I Use Fragrance Oils When Making Beard Oil?

Can I Use Fragrance Oils When Making Beard Oil?

In our tutorial, we have used Aventos for Men fragrance oil, but you can choose not to add fragrance at all or you may wish to choose a different scent or essential oil.

Beard oil is classed as a facial, leave-on product so fragrance can be used up to 1% only. You will need to check that your chosen fragrance oil is suitable for this use.

The most important thing is to check whether the fragrance oil you would like to use is skin-safe. You can do this by checking the IFRA 49th Amendment document which is available for download on the fragrance product pages

Beard oils fall under category 5B, so if the IFRA documents for category 5B states the safe usage as being 1% or higher, then you can use the full 1%. However, even if the IFRA gives a percentage of more than 1%, it is advised to still only use no more than 1%. If it’s less than 1%, it’s not suitable for use in beard oil.

Knowing you are able to scent your beard oil with 1% of fragrance oil, you then need to consider the total weight of your finished product and you’ll want to ensure that no more than 1% of that total weight is made up of your fragrance oils.

For instance, if you are using 56g of combined oils, 1% of the total weight would be 0.56g of fragrance oil (56 x 0.01 = 0.56g).

Why are we using grams and not millilitres in our recipe?

Why are we using grams and not millilitres in our recipe?

Millilitres is a volume measurement rather than a weight measurement. Because oils will often vary in their viscosity (meaning some will be lighter and some heavier), their weights may be different even at the same volume. To ensure your ratios are accurate, every ingredient should use the same unit of measure - in this case, grams.

Looking for that perfect gift idea? Why not make your recipient a fantastic gift set including a beard oil and a designer-inspired perfume? Check out our post The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Designer-Inspired Perfume at Home, where you can learn how to make matching products to be gifted along with your beard oil.

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02 Nov 2023 VINEVIDA

This article on making beard oil at home is fantastic. However, are there any specific essential oils that not only provide a pleasant fragrance for beard oil but also offer additional benefits like promoting beard growth?

16 Jul 2023 DAVID


What are the rules around mixing essential oils with regards to amounts? Is the 1% in total so, using 4 essential oils can only mean 0.25% of each?

Thank you

12 Dec 2022 Divinely Candles

Great articale and helpful all around.

09 Dec 2022 Craftovator

Hi Chris, the tutorial is really meant for personal use only (in which case you wouldn’t need an assessment) but we don’t currently carry an assessment for this recipe. Sorry about that! Kimberly – Craftovator

09 Dec 2022 Chris

Do you sell the cosmetic assessment to go with the beard oil ingredients


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