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Why Making Bath And Body Products Is A Great Idea

by Craftovator Studio 29 Apr 2021 0 Comments

If you’re looking for a new hobby to sink your teeth into, we highly recommend making your own bath and body products! There is something very therapeutic about measuring, mixing, and enjoying the aromas of sweet oils, silky, butters, and textured salts. What’s more, making your own products can save cash in the long run, reduce consumer waste, and provide endless gifts.

Here’s why making bath and body products is a great idea, no matter your age or skill level.

Cut down on consumer waste

It won’t come as a shock to you that plastic packaging is a huge environmental issue. While more and more brands are using sustainable packaging and/or recycled plastic, tonnes still end up in landfills. Think of how many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, bath salts, and more we go through each year. It’s a lot!

The brighter news? Making your own bath and body products allows you to do your part to reduce your household’s plastic consumption greatly.

You can reuse and recycle your product packaging with these easy tricks:

- Use recycled glass jars

- Clean out, sterilize, and use any stable packaging you have from existing products (lotion pots, dropper bottles, etc.

- Look out for retailers who sell biodegradable or reusable jars, bottles, and packages.

Learn new skills

It is never too late to learn new skills and become somewhat of an expert at a new hobby. Making bath and body products, while very easy, takes knowledge and skill to nail your personal formula. Learn what butters work best with what oils and fragrances, learn which scents are best for certain purposes, and get the quantities down to a fine art.

Customise your products

Making your own products allows you to take control of the scent, texture, and quantity. You can start by making small test batches to find the perfect recipe for what you’re seeking at the time. For example, you may need a lighter lotion formula during the summer months, with a fruitier scent. Come winter, skin gets drier and scent preferences become richer! You could use a thicker, richer butter base and spicy oils to hydrate the skin and satisfy your nose. In the end, you’ve got a product that meets your requirements and the satisfaction that you made it yourself.

Know what you're putting on your skin

While natural, safe products are appearing on the market more and more, there are still many nasties lurking in the aisles. One excellent way to be sure of what you are using on your skin is to take charge and make the product yourself. You have the power to keep artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemical preservatives out of your bathroom and far from your skin. This is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin prone to rashes, breakouts, and inflammation.

For example, to make a luxuriously rich and hydrating body butter, you really only need the following:

The result? Soft skin without the addition of iffy and potentially irritating synthetic additives.

Tip: if your skin is very sensitive, try a patch test of each ingredient on an inconspicuous part of the body such as the inside of your arm. Then, try another patch test with your homemade recipe once assembled (make a very small batch first). If no reactions occur, go ahead and make the full batch and enjoy.

Never run out of gift ideas

Some people have that special knack for picking the perfect gift, no matter the occasion, no matter the person. However, some of us just aren’t gifted in that way (excuse the pun!). Homemade gifts are always treasured and appreciated, especially ones that are practical and nourishing like food or body products. By becoming a dab hand at creating unique bath and body products, you’ve always got a heartfelt and memorable gift up your sleeve. These are some of our favourite homemade gift ideas:

  • Hydrating lip balms for travellers and anyone facing a harsh season
  • Gentle, natural body lotions for new and/or expecting Mums
  • Bath salts with sleep-inducing oils for a stressed-out friend who deserves to relax
  • Deeply hydrating body butters for people with dry skin facing a cold winter
  • A moisturising and sweet-smelling shower scrub for a busy friend who needs to multitask

Save money in the long run

While there are costs involved, making your own products may save you money. One batch of ingredients is likely going to last you a few “rounds” of product. Let’s say you pop a bottle of body lotion and a bath/shower gel into your shopping cart once every two months. Once you start creating your products you’ll likely purchase one batch of ingredients that will last you for at least a few months. What’s more, you can reuse your packaging; each time you run out, just clean out the jar and use it for the new batch. Thrifty and environmentally friendly.

An out-of-the-box activity for friends and family

Over the past few years (and even more since lockdown) at-home projects and crafts are on the rise. Knitting, crochet, embroidery, house plants, paint by numbers, sourdough bread, the list goes on. Jump on this healthy and positive train and suggest a bath and body product making day with your friends or family. Gather your closest friends for a chat-and-craft day, and keep the kids occupied by getting them to design and decorate the packaging. While you’re at it, you could also add a homeware crafting session with candles, diffusers, and soaps. Go on, float the idea, you’ll be surprised! If you all go in on the cost of ingredients and materials, you’ll have an affordable yet fruitful day that everyone will love, remember, and be keen to do again.

Now that your curiosity is truly piqued, go ahead and try your hand at making homemade bath and body products. The process is relaxing, therapeutic, and incredibly satisfying for both body and mind. Here at Craftovator we have a wide range of high-quality butters, oils, fragrances, salts, and packaging for you to create your dream products. Let us know if you have any questions or are in need of product recommendations!

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