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The Best Room Spray Fragrances for Summer

by Craftovator Studio 21 Apr 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to reviving a room for the new season, we tend to focus a lot on interior design, fabrics, colours, and new arrangements. However, one of the easiest and most sense-pleasing additions to a refreshed room is a fragranced spray - even better, a homemade room spray. Putting together your own custom room fragrance is easy, wholly satisfying, and allows you to get creative with your nose, eyes, and inner crafty genius!

Today, we're talking about the fragrances themselves and which are best suited to that most beloved season, Summer.

Quick guide for homemade room spray fragrances

Without going too far into detail, here's a quick summary of what you can expect from a room spray crafting session. Watch this space for a more in-depth exploration!

You won't be shocked to learn that all you require for making a room spray fragrance is the following:

  • A spray bottle with a reliable screw-top cap
  • Perfumer's alcohol
  • Water
  • Fragrance oils (essential oils)
  • Mixing vessels and utensils
  • Gift packaging

We recommend using proper perfumer's alcohol as opposed to other plain alcohol (or witch hazel, another common alternative). This is because it results in a clear solution, it is totally skin-safe, and it disperses your fragrance evenly when sprayed.

Make sure to check the fragrance dilution recommendation on the bottle, (ours is 5% for room sprays) to ensure the best concentration and diffusion of fragrance. This means you need to be sure of the capacity of your bottle first, so do a little tester with water to make sure you get the correct measurements.

The best room spray fragrances for Summer


Perfect for: morning spritzing. People who love fruity fragrances but veer away from anything too sweet.

Combo suggestion: raspberry, mint, or even a little dash of spice for depth.

We begin with one of the loveliest fragrances of all time, citrus. Citrus fragrance somehow manages to be refreshing and soothing at the same time, bringing zesty energy to any space. If you have pets in the home and require a little extra help in the freshness department, citrus has a wonderful way of cutting through other odours.

Did you know that citrus scent has been linked to stress relief? Specifically, sweet orange oil has been proven to help lower anxiety levels. This may be a great choice for new mums, students during exam time, or anyone going through a stress-heavy summer.


Perfect for: helping with sleep troubles. Lovers of fresh scents with a hint of floral but without too much sweetness.

Combo suggestion: woody fragrances such as frankincense, or softer florals such as rose or geranium.

It is well-known that lavender is one of the very best fragrances for helping with sleep, making it a dreamy night-time bedroom or pillow spray fragrance. You could even double-up on the sleep-inducing lavender theme and create lavender bath bombs to go with your room spray for a thoughtful homemade gift package.

Aside from its wonderfully therapeutic properties, the scent of lavender is evocative of sun-drenched afternoons in France, or lazy days in a warm English garden.


Perfect for: clean, classic tastes, hopeless romantics and anyone who loves the soft, powdery appeal of rose.

Combo suggestion: jasmine for extra sweetness, lavender for a fresher floral addition, or bergamot for a fruity citrus pairing.

Rose is a classic scent that really does suit any season. However, there is something so romantic and soft about it that suits a balmy summer’s evening. When you picture a rose garden in bloom, with the warm sun and bees a-plenty, what’s more Summer than that?

Like citrus, rose scent has also been proven to lower anxiety and stress. You could even customise an extra-soothing combo with rose, sweet citrus, and lavender. Voila, the ultimate stress-reducing, sleep-beckoning room spray for restful evenings.


Perfect for: evoking tropical holidays and that iconic sunscreen scent.

Combo suggestion: coconut and lime is a classic tropical combination, as is coconut and pineapple (pina colada hour!). Coconut also blends beautifully with warm, sweet vanilla.

While travel is still a wee while away, we can bring the tropics to us with small gestures such as home décor and fragrance. The scent of coconut belongs firmly in the summer months, preferably with a sun-baked beach and oceanside bar nearby.

Sandalwood and Amber

Perfect for: lovers of incense, exotic travel, and heady aromas. Great for anyone who doesn’t fancy fruity or floral fragrances.

Combo suggestion: sweet florals such as geranium or jasmine. Sharper, fruitier scents like lemon or bergamot.

You may think that sandalwood and amber are warm, wintery scents, and you’d be correct. However, they’re also gloriously suited to summertime, as they lean into the warmth of the season and conjure images of exotic, far-off places. As well as drawing your mind to daydreams of crowded bazaars and spiced air, this combo may also benefit your health. Amber has been proven to support heart health, cognition, and stable moods, while sandalwood may perk your attention and help with focus.

Aquatic Fragrances

Perfect for: ocean lovers and those who like a unique and fresh scent.

Combo suggestion: coconut, lime, or citrus.

One of our favourite fragrances is the Aqua Minerals & Sea Kelp fragrance oil, a true summer classic. This fragrance is a complex blend of sweet citrus and florals, with a spicy, woody base. However, it is the fusion of airy marine notes that make it a summer lover’s dream. This is perfect for anyone who wants something a little different but still craves those classic notes of citrus, floral, sweetness, and spice.

Fresh Laundry

Perfect for: lovers of clean, classic scents.

Combo suggestion: sharp lemon, sweet orange, or fresh lavender.

The smell of fresh laundry is one of the universal symbols of all things home, cosy, clean, and comforting, no matter the season. However, the crisp notes work beautifully with a clean summer morning and freshen up a sticky summer afternoon.

Our Fresh Linen fragrance oil gives you those airy aldehydes while balancing them with sweeter notes of orange and melon.

Italian Coast

Perfect for: a sweet-meets-fresh fragrance that evokes warm summer evenings abroad.

Combo suggestion: it’s already beautifully blended, but you could enhance some of the notes by adding more bergamot, jasmine, or rose.

If you’re looking for a fragrance that has already been perfectly blended for you, the Italian Coast fragrance oil is a summer winner. It encompasses all aspects of an Italian seaside getaway such as: airy marine notes and fresh cucumber, sweet florals, and sensual, warm woods.

We also have our Bora Bora fragrance oil if you’d like to create a holiday-inspired fragrance package for someone with itchy feet! This fragrance is a sweet combo of juicy, tropical fruits.


Perfect for: lovers of fresh, juicy fragrances. Fruit-lovers who are looking for a change from citrus and tropical fruit scents.

Combo suggestion: lime, citrus, and cucumber. Aldehydes, ozone, and marine notes.

Last but certainly not least, watermelon. It’s hard to put into words but watermelon (in scent, flavour, and aesthetic) has a sense of joyful fun and youth. It reminds us of carefree summer days by the pool as a child, with a freshly-cut slice of juicy heaven. Spritz any room with a watermelon fragrance spray and wait for moods to lift and memories to flow. Cucumber is a classic pairing that adds further freshness, while coconut and vanilla add a touch of sweet creaminess to the mix.

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