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Cute Valentine's Day DIY: Geo Heart Wax Melts with Pink Shimmer!

by Kimberly Duran 04 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Love is in the air at Craftovator and our Geo Heart Wax Melts are a wonderful way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year! Using pink dye and mica powders along with our sweet fruity Love Hearts fragrance oil, this is the perfect gift for your loved one, a gal pal or even for yourself.

After all, the 14th February is a celebration of romance and love so what better way to show you care than with a handmade gift, sweetened with Love Hearts fragrance oil. This scent is an olfactory reminder of those sweet little candy hearts emblazoned with love notes. We've also used two of our sparkly pink mica powders to provide a shimmer to this fun, simple project.

Never made wax melts before? We'd encourage you to start with our beginner's guide to wax melts to master simple wax melts in moulds before moving on to our more advanced tutorials but if you're ready to get started, check out our video tutorial above or read on for our written tutorial with step by step pictures to guide you.



  • 1x 6-Cell Geo Heart Silicone Mould
  • Digital Weighing Scales
  • 100ml Measuring Cup
  • Milk or Digital Thermometer
  • Metal Spoon
  • Melting Pot
  • Pan
  • Small Makeup or Paint Brush
  • Kitchen roll to protect your work surface and for wiping tools
  • Nitrile gloves (or similar protective gloves) and an apron. We’d also highly recommend the use of a chemical mask

Pro tip: Before starting, make sure your work surface is covered and you’re wearing the correct PPE as stated in the materials needed above. This is to avoid skin/respiratory irritation from the fragrance oil and mica powder and to protect your clothes from any splashes.

Step 1 – Weighing out the wax

Place the melting pot on your scales and turn on. Weigh out 156.4g of wax.

Step 2 – Melting the wax

Half fill your pan with cold water and place on your cooker/stove top. Sit the melting pot on top of the pan. Turn the hob/ring on and set to a medium - low heat.

When the wax starts to melt, periodically check the temperature of the wax. Once the wax has fully melted and reaches no more than 75 degrees Celsius, remove it from the heat.

Step 3 – Preparing the fragrance oil

You can prepare your fragrance oil while the wax is melting.

Weigh out 13.6g of Love Hearts fragrance oil into the measuring cup.

Add a small amount of blushed pink mica powder to your fragrance oil.

Stir it in carefully until it’s fully mixed in and no clumps remain.

Step 4 – Adding the fragrance oil

With the melting pot now removed from the heat, add 3 drops of pink liquid dye and stir to fully combine.

Allow the wax to cool to 65 degrees Celsius then add the fragrance oil and mica powder mixture.

Stir continuously for around 60 seconds to ensure the fragrance oil and mica powder is thoroughly mixed into the wax. You’ll notice a beautiful, mesmerising swirly effect in the wax from the addition of the mica powder.

Step 5 – Pouring the wax into the mould

Once stirred, you can begin to fill each cell of the mould. These don’t need filling to the top of each cell due to how chunky they are. Don’t worry if some are filled slightly more or less than others.

Leave the wax to set fully for around 2 hours before removing from the mould.

Step 6 – Brushing mica powder on the hearts to finish

Once the hearts are fully set and removed from the mould, using a small tipped paintbrush or a small clean makeup brush, dip the end of the brush in the fantasia pink mica powder.

Lightly dust over the top of your hearts to give the geo ridges a little depth and shimmer.

Your Valentine’s Day geo heart wax melts are now made and will be ready to use once cured in around 8-10 days.

To use, carefully cut one of the geo heart wax melts in half using a knife or ridged potato cutter (they may snap in half but it would be best to use a knife or other cutting tool) and add one half to your burner.

Enjoy the fragrance until it disappears then replace with the other half. If adding a full heart, make sure your burner has a deeper/wider well otherwise it may spill over. It will also take much longer to melt if adding as a whole heart, something to be mindful of.

Note: When cutting the hearts in half, it may snap. As this is a wax melt specific wax, it is harder and as such is prone to breaking easily if snapped or cut. This won’t affect the wax melts in any way.

We really hope you enjoyed our geo hearts wax melt tutorial for Valentine’s Day! Why not pair your wax melts with a pink coloured reed diffuser using our Love Hearts diffuser friendly fragrance oil?

Looking to have a pamper? What’s better to relax than having a wax melt burning and a nice, hot bubble bath with a Love Hearts scented body wash. See our tutorial here to create your own.

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