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Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances for Summer

by Kimberly Duran 25 May 2022 0 Comments

If you’re looking for the perfect fragrance to welcome the season indoors, our Top 10 list of Popular Fragrances for Summer should be your first stop!

Daisy chain necklaces, summery walks in the countryside, homemade lemonade and endless fun and laughter. The summer season is finally upon us!

The earlier, sun-soaked mornings allow the beautiful tune to filter in from singing birds and the lighter evenings make way for al fresco dining in the garden. Trees are full of succulent, juicy fruits and flowers are in full bloom, all their true colours on show. There’s an amazing feeling as everyone takes advantage of the serene and beautiful long summer days.

Summer is the perfect time for BBQ’s and parties alike. Many a get together with family and friends brings the mouth-watering smell of smoky food cooking away and the entrancing pump of music throughout the air, giving off happy vibes.

Wedding season is also in full swing, peaking in June and August respectively. There’s really nothing better than getting hitched in the blazing sun with the delicate daisy filled green grass and the amazing reflection of the blue sky shimmering across lakes in the background whilst nature’s fragrances waft through on a warm, light breeze.

The perfect summer fragrance will really set the tone for whatever occasions you have planned throughout this sun-soaked season and provide your home with the most amazing aromas - you’ll not want the season to end.

What Fragrances are Associated with Summer?

When we think of summer fragrances, we get classic creamy coconut and luscious vanilla notes. Coconut is a fabulous summer scent as it ranges from having milky to nutty and even toasted notes. It’s also a popular fragrance in sun creams which makes it even more desirable to some. Combined with vanilla, it makes the perfect tropical summer scent.

Delectable, juicy scents such as watermelon, mango and berries of all types dominate fruit bowls as a popular summer snack. Add that creamy vanilla ice cream and its sure to be a winner!

The colourful and fragrant flowers of snapdragon, rose and geranium really bring on an air of Summer and attract an array of winged creatures to feast on their sweet nectar. Rose in particular is reminiscent of the English summertime, a truly romantic garden flower.

Which Summer Fragrance Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, there's plenty of choice. There are literally hundreds of amazing fragrances (more than 500 in our fragrance oil category!) so choosing the right scent may prove slightly daunting for some.

This is where we come to the rescue! You might be thinking of using your fragrances in wax, perhaps making a candle or wax melts or if a flameless project appeals, a reed diffuser or room spray will add the perfect burst of summer fragrance to your home.

Of course, fragrance doesn’t have to stop with just your home, you also deserve to smell like summer! You could even go as far as matching your chosen home fragrance with a rich, lathering soap sponge using our beginner's tutorial or making other bath and body products like our whipped soap or body butter.

Whatever the product, here at Craftovator, the perfect summer fragrance for you is just a click away.

How Can I Use Fragrance Oils?

Our fragrance oils are suitable for use in many products from home fragrance to skincare. The most popular home fragrance products on the market today are candles, wax melts, room sprays and reed diffusers so you really have a great selection to pick from.

Each product has its own individual level of fragrance throw and we believe that scents are so subjective. What you might find strong, another might find subtle and vice versa.

If you prefer a stronger burst of fragrance, opt for either a wax melt or room spray. For a lighter fragrance, we’d recommend a candle. If candles or wax melts aren’t for you, then a reed diffuser is the way forward. They’re a great way to fragrance your home with minimal fuss and are in fact very low maintenance!

How Much Fragrance Oil Can I Use in My Products?

We would advise checking the ‘IFRA 49th Amendment’ document download on each fragrance oils page for safe usage levels, particularly if opting to make reed diffusers, room sprays or soap. We’ve listed the categories for the most popular products below to help you locate the maximum percentages easily.

  • Reed Diffusers: category 10.A (recommended usage: 15% - 25%)
  • Room Sprays: category 10.B (recommended usage: 3% - 5%)
  • Candles/Wax Melts: category 12 (recommended usage: up to 10%)
  • Soap: category 9 (recommended usage: 1% - 3%)

The percentages as per the above information are totally dependent on the maximum usage levels stated on the IFRA 49th Amendment document. If the percentage is higher than the recommended amount above, then you would only go up to the highest percentage we’ve stated and only providing your chosen base is suitable and can hold this amount of oil.

Our Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances for Summer

Whether you’re after a sweet, creamy scent, a mouth-watering fruity concoction or a delightful floral, we can help you decide with our Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances for Summer.

Blue Raspberry Slushie

This fresh summer fruit accord is dominated by notes of blueberry followed by a blend of raspberry and strawberry, sweetened on a base of vanilla. This delectable, refreshing scent will have you longing for those ice-filled beverages. Use Blue Raspberry Slushie fragrance throughout your home to bring on a cooling, but invigorating fruity vibe.

Buy Blue Raspberry Slushie Fragrance Oil here

Bora Bora

A tropical summer accord with top notes of fresh pineapple, peach, passionfruit, exotic fruits and juicy grapefruit leading to a heart of mango and tropical fruits settled on a base of soft musk. If you want the ultimate mouth-watering, fruity scent then this is the one for you! Bora Bora is a super, fruity cocktail that can be used anywhere in your home, allowing your senses to be whisked away to that dreamy, tropical destination.

Buy Bora Bora Fragrance Oil here

Unicorn Sparkle

A truly sweet scent with notes of bergamot, orange, fig leaves and raspberry leading to heart notes of lily of the valley, candyfloss, liquorice and strawberry resting on a base of woods, powdery musk’s, vanilla and caramel. Unicorn Sparkle releases the most magical fragrance into the air. The perfect option for parties or get togethers when you require a more subtle yet inviting background scent to filter through.

Buy Unicorn Sparkle Fragrance Oil here

Lavender & Chamomile

Fresh summer herbs with lavender flowers warmed by fruity chamomile and a hint of geranium. Lavender & Chamomile is such a delicate fragrance, best used in the evenings or whilst winding down after a long, fun-filled summers day. Use in bedrooms as a backdrop for true relaxation or in high traffic areas of your home such as hallways and living rooms to bring on an air of calm.

Buy Lavender & Chamomile Fragrance Oil here

Daisy Chain

A floral accord opening with a touch of lemon and grapefruit with green leaf, green violet, apple, pear and peach leading into a floral heart of jasmine, lily, rose, violet leaves and freesia on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, vanilla and sweet powdery musk’s. Exuding freshness and happiness, Daisy Chain gives off a fabulously elegant floral fragrance suitable for use anywhere in the home.

Buy Daisy Chain Fragrance Oil here

Coconut & Waterfall Blooms

A fresh ozonic floral fragrance opening with notes of sea salt, marine notes and soft aldehydes leading to a heart of soft coconut and peach with floral tones of lily, rose, freesia and jasmine on a base of sandalwood, musk and amber. Sit back, relax and let your senses drift away to faraway lands with Coconut & Waterfall Blooms. This captivating blend is a true Summer fragrance.

Buy Coconut & Waterfall Blooms Fragrance Oil here


A herbal citrus blend of orange, citronella and lemongrass top notes followed by a heart of Chinese citronella which rests on a base of sweet vanilla. Citronella releases a wonderfully pleasant scent and is highly sought after during the summer months, particularly whilst dining outdoors.

Buy Citronella Fragrance Oil here

Rhubarb & Wild Mint

Crisp zingy stewed rhubarb with hints of pear and apple sweetened by caramelised sugar. These are freshened by lush garden mint leaves and hints of lemon. Rhubarb & Wild Mint combines mouth-watering, tart rhubarb with fresh, aromatic mint - the perfect blend to provide a refreshing, uplifting vibe to any area of your home.

Buy Rhubarb & Wild Mint Fragrance Oil here

Red Roses

A fresh rose accord with hints of green violet, green leaves and lemon in the top note leading to a rose heart on a musky powdery base. Imagine a garden full of the reddest most fragrant roses. Red Roses truly encapsulates this wonderful image! Use throughout your home to bring the wonderful scent of a blooming rose garden indoors, creating a romantic, sophisticated atmosphere.

Buy Red Roses Fragrance Oil here


A mouth-watering confectionary of blackcurrant preserve with a touch of soft vanilla. Blackcurrant is an aromatic, tart, yet slightly earthy fragrance. This classic Summer scent is perfect to use in any space of your home.

Buy Blackcurrent Fragrance Oil here

Did you know you can find 4 of our recommended Top 10 in our Summer Fragrance Oil Selection Pack? Why not give them a try to find your next favourite summer fragrance?

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