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Gift Ideas for New Mums: The Best Scented Candles and Fragrances for Rest and Relaxation

by Kimberly Duran 11 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Welcome to our rundown of the very best scented candles for the new mums or mums-to-be in your life along with our tips for creating thoughtful handmade gift ideas with relaxing fragrances at their heart.

Any mum will tell you that those first few months with a new baby are equal parts incredible, stressful, confusing, wonderful, sleep-deprived, but most of all, full of joy. There are many things a new mum appreciates. A soak in a hot bath, having dinner cooked while she puts her feet up or even just 10 minutes alone with a cup of tea and a book. However, it’s not always possible to give her that gift of time with the demands of our own lives.

When thinking about how you can show your love and support to a new mum, there are many fabulous ways to do so. A gift basket full of treats just for her would certainly go down well. Why not make the centrepiece of your new-mum gift basket a beautiful, scented candle you’ve made yourself, or a collection of smaller handmade scented candles?

A handmade scented candle can often help to invigorate, ease anxiety and provide calm when times may seem tough, not to mention they add the most beautiful aroma and aesthetic to any room.

But first, let’s discuss candle safety during pregnancy and once the little bundle of joy arrives.

Are Scented Candles Safe for Pregnancy and New-borns?

Note: it’s always best to check with your doctor or midwife if you are concerned about introducing new things into your home. Here are some simple ideas for how to use candles safely, based on reputable studies.

There are a few misconceptions out there regarding the perceived danger of scented candles. However, many of these studies are not conclusive enough to be taken as fact.

Make sure to burn your scented candles in a reasonably large space so the aroma can waft gently as opposed to concentrating in one spot. A scented candle made from non-toxic waxes with essential oils or high-quality fragrance oils should be perfectly fine during pregnancy. In fact, it can be incredibly relaxing especially during those final few weeks leading to your baby’s birth. However, run any concerns past your healthcare professional before going ahead.

Whilst essential oils are extracted from natural sources and provide certain benefits once lit and released into the air, fragrance oils are synthetically produced and don’t provide the same aromatherapy benefits. On the other hand, fragrance oils are heavily regulated for safety, more readily available and come in a much wider variety of scents whereas essential oils are limited in variety and can often be unregulated (which is why it’s always best to purchase from a reputable supplier such as Craftovator!).

Whilst the use of fragrance oils in candles are perfectly safe for adults to use within a ventilated area, if you’re wishing to make use of the candle’s aromatherapy benefits to mum rather than just the olfactory sensations fragrance oils provide, then you may wish to opt for essential oils. This may be something to think carefully about when choosing the perfect fragrance for your candle gift.

However, when it comes to a new-born baby, make sure you let Mum know that it’s best to keep any scented candles (whether they are made with essential oils or fragrance oils) out of their bedroom or any other area they may sleep in during the day. This is because a new-born’s tiny lungs and respiratory systems are still developing and therefore, fragile.

It may be best to light any relaxing candle in a larger room, such as a dining or living room, during a time when baby is asleep upstairs or in another room. If she’s managed to escape for a little pampering session, then it may be best to lock herself away in the bathroom with a hot bath, a cup of soothing tea and a relaxing candle. She won’t have to worry about anything whilst she relaxes, leaving baby duty to her partner for an hour (although we all know that’s easier said than done, right?).

With this being said, let’s look at the best scented candles for new mums to enjoy during some well-deserved me-time.


We’re starting on an obvious-yet-necessary note! That’s right, lavender. Known for its calming, sleep-inducing properties.

If Mum has been up all night and she’s finally got the chance to relax and have a well-deserved sleep, lavender is a heavenly aide.

Gift Idea: A lavender candle and a dried lavender sachet (to pop under a pillow or in a clothing drawer) will be perfect for helping a new mum keep calm. Turn your presents into the ultimate gift basket by adding a box of chamomile tea and a feel-good book. While the new mum may be a little way off sitting down long enough to read, the treat will be there when the time comes.

Clary Sage

This purple flowering herb has been proven to help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety during high-pressure situations. During the first nerve-wracking weeks with a new baby at home, anxiety is a regular visitor for many new mums. The lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and responsibilities are often quite extreme. A candle infused with clary sage can help to melt away those nervy emotions so Mum can enjoy all the love and snuggles.

Gift Idea: For a new mum dealing with anxiety, creating a stress-busting gift basket will be the perfect choice. Pack together a clary sage candle (our Pinky Sands Fragrance Oil has a wonderful clary sage note), her favourite treat, a pair of cosy new pyjamas, and a lavender-infused wheat bag.


You may also know the neroli scent as orange blossom, that intoxicating aroma drawn from orange flowers. Neroli is not only incredibly delicious to whiff, but it can also help to reduce anxiety. Fittingly, a study was conducted that found that smelling neroli can soothe anxiety during labour (now that’s a powerful aroma!). This is a wonderful choice for expectant mums who love sweet, floral scents reminiscent of the sun on warm citrus trees.

Gift Idea: Create a care package for when the new mum in your life is approaching that exciting moment before her baby arrives. Pop a neroli candle, a fresh pair of socks, a nourishing lip balm, and snag-free hair ties in a toiletry bag. Even if these don’t get used before or during the early stages of labour, they’ll be very much appreciated once Mum and baby get home.


If you’ve ever read ‘Peter Rabbit’, you’ll be familiar with the tummy-soothing properties of chamomile tea (too many radishes or not!). However, the scent of chamomile is also wonderfully therapeutic, inducing sleepiness, and a sense of calm. If the special Mum-to-be or Mum in the throes of that dreamy “baby bubble” is struggling to find sleep when she has the chance, treat her with chamomile.

Gift Idea: Double-up and bundle together organic chamomile tea with a chamomile scented candle. The tea can soothe a nervous tummy while the aroma sweetens the room to help Mum drift off for a nice sleep.


Imagine the scent of ripe lemons, freshly zested or the smell of lemongrass leaves after you crush them between your fingers. Those positive, tranquil feelings are not mere flukes; the therapeutic effects of lemon have been proven to lift mood. This can be helpful for mums suffering from baby blues or simply bogged down with sleep deprivation.

Gift Idea: When the baby is settling into a positive sleep cycle and life is becoming recognisable again, many new mums crave a refreshed home. They may even be ready to entertain again, or simply enjoy a little organisation. A natural lemon candle sitting in a stylish jar is a lovely gift that adds joy-giving aroma and a fresh aesthetic. Throw in a bottle of wine or a fancy non-alcoholic drink and a coffee table book to pore over.


The soft scent of rose is not only soothing, but it can help to ease pain. This is ideal for a new mum just home from the hospital who may be learning to feed or is in discomfort from a difficult labour. Interestingly, a study was conducted showing that rose scent helped to ease anxiety in women during labour and birth. If you’re looking for a sweet token for your partner who is about to bring your baby into the world, a rose candle is a lovely idea.

Gift Idea: Rose essential oils, when diluted, make an incredibly relaxing bath. Bundle together a bottle of pure rose oil, some dried rose buds and a rose-scented soy candle. When the baby is asleep and Mum and has a spare moment to herself, she can run a rose bath and relax a little. What’s more, rose oil has antibacterial properties; a soothing and healing bath? Yes, please!


Ylang-Ylang is the vibrant yellow flower from tropical lands is a common ingredient in fragrances for its sweet, floral aroma. Aside from smelling gorgeous, ylang-ylang essential oil, when diffused or added to candles, has soothing benefits. Studies have been conducted to find out whether ylang-ylang has an effect on self-esteem and mood, and the results were positive! (Excuse the pun). Show a new mum just how wonderful they are with a sweet ylang-ylang candle as they navigate the amazing-yet-scary world of motherhood.

Gift Idea: For a gift that’s a little different, pick a beautiful oil burner, pure ylang-ylang essential oil, and a pack of unscented tealights all wrapped up in a pretty package. Mum can then relax whenever she needs to.

Whether you’re expecting, a new mum, or you have one in your life, a beautifully scented candle makes the perfect gift. It can help to bring on a sense of calm, encourage positive emotions and create a tranquil environment, something that would be appreciated during the final weeks of pregnancy or the first few months of motherhood.

Just remember that even if gifting your scented candle creations, you’ll still be required to attach a CLP label and safety instructions for your candles use. For more information on CLP labelling, take a look at our Guide to CLP Labelling for Candles here.

Are you new to making candles and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our post, How to Make Your First Scented Candle: The Perfect Beginners Guide.

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