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How to Make Wax Melts in Moulds in 6 Easy Steps

by Kimberly Duran 28 Mar 2022 2 Comments

Wax melts are so fun and easy to make so if you're considering making your own wax melts, our beginner's tutorial will talk you through the process and options available as well as show you how to make your own Winter Fae scented wax melts in moulds.

Our tutorial for Winter Fae-scented wax melts using Golden Wax 494 soy wax and Craftovator's Winter Fae fragrance oil will allow you to get started but keep in mind, the tutorial really is completely customisable, allowing you to put your own spin on this project.

See our full selection of wax available here but remember, you'll want to use either a pillar wax or a wax specifically made for wax melts. These will allow for a slight shrinkage of the wax when hardened, making them easier to remove from your moulds.

For further information on everything you need to know when making your own wax melts, see our guide here: How to Make Wax Melts in Clamshells.

How to Make Winter Fae Scented Wax Melts in Moulds

Why not try our tutorial to give wax melts in moulds a try? Our simple tutorial is perfect for beginners.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Makes: Approximately 20 x 10g melts

What You'll Need:



  • Silicone mould(s)
  • Digital weighing scales
  • Stainless steel or glass pouring jug
  • Milk or digital thermometer
  • Metal spoon
  • Melting pot
  • Pan
  • Kitchen roll to protect your work surface
  • Nitrile gloves (or similar protective gloves) and an apron
  • We’d also highly recommend the use of a chemical mask

Top tip: Before starting, make sure your work surface is covered and you’re wearing the correct PPE as stated in the materials needed above. This is to avoid skin/respiratory irritation from the fragrance oil and to protect your clothes from any splashes.

Step 1 Weigh Your Wax

Place the melting pot on your scales and turn on. Make sure the scales are set to weigh in grams. Weigh out 200g of wax.

Step 2 Melt Your Wax

Half fill your pan with cold water and place on your cooker/stove top. Sit the melting pot on top of the pan. Turn the hob/ring on and set to a medium - low heat. This is called the double-boiling method.

The water in your pan should be no more than halfway up your melting pots bowl.

When the wax starts to melt, place the thermometer in the wax to check the temperature. Once the wax has fully melted and reaches 80 degrees Celsius, take the pan off the heat and turn the hob off.

We'd recommend removing your thermometer in the melting pot whilst the wax is melting as it will get hot from the steam. Keep adding the thermometer to the wax at melting intervals to check it's not getting too hot.

Step 3 Add the Colour

Transfer the molten wax to your pouring jug. We’d recommend shaking the bottle of liquid dye for 30 seconds prior to adding it to the wax to ensure its mixed thoroughly and then add the colour to the wax immediately.

Stir the liquid dye into the wax until fully mixed – around 15 seconds. We used 3 drops to achieve the beautiful pink shade shown.

Remember, the colour of the liquid dye will appear much darker in the molten wax. You can check the colour it will be once set by dropping a small amount onto some white kitchen roll or the underside of a white bowl/plate. If this isn’t the colour you’d like, simply add a few more drops, stir and repeat the colour check process until you’ve achieved the desired shade.

Be sure to add your thermometer to your jug to keep an eye on the temperature of the wax as it cools down.

Step 4 Add Your Fragrance

Wait until your wax cools to 70–75 degrees Celsius. Place the jug on your scales and turn on.

Add 16g of Winter Fae fragrance oil and stir continuously for around 90 seconds to ensure the fragrance oil is thoroughly mixed into the wax.

Once stirred, allow the wax to cool until it reaches around 60–70 degrees Celsius.

Step 5 Pour the Wax Into the Moulds

Once the wax has reached around 60-70 degrees Celsius, you can start to slowly fill your moulds. Be careful not to overfill them!

Step 6 Leave to Set

Allow the wax to set fully before removing from the moulds – usually around 2-3 hours. You'll want to then leave your creations for at least 1 week in a sealed plastic container before you can enjoy them!

You may notice as the wax sets that there’s a white coating. This is called frosting and is simply the wax trying to revert back to its natural state. Its perfectly normal for soy wax to frost and it won’t in any way affect the performance of your creations.

What kind of wax should I use for wax melts in silicone moulds?

While there are many different kinds of waxes available, you'll want to look out for either waxes that are specifically formulated for wax melts or wax that is formulated for pillar candles (rather than container candles). This will ensure the wax is harder in form and contains shrinking properties which mean it will be easier to remove them from your silicone mould.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned how easy it is to make your own scented wax melts in moulds.

Considering selling your creations? You'll want to check out our Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Handmade Candles and Wax Melts here.

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11 Oct 2022 laurence

vraiment bien expliquer merci

11 Oct 2022 laurence

vraiment bien expliquer merci

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