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Guide to Spring/Summer 2024 Fragrance Trends

by Craftovator Studio 20 Nov 2023 0 Comments

As the UK's most established and trusted supplier for the candle, personal care, cosmetic & perfume making industries, Craftovator is excited to guide you through the emerging Spring/Summer 2024 fragrance trends.

Whether you're a hobbyist or a small business owner, our unique formulations - manufactured by the world's largest perfume houses in the UK - will help you stay ahead of the curve this upcoming season.

In this guide, we'll explore the four key fragrance trends set to define Spring/Summer 2024, with suggestions on how you can incorporate these trends into your own creations.

Aquatic Florals: A Refreshing Revival

The first trend we're diving into is aquatic florals. This trend blends the regenerating virtues of water with the joyful energy of spring, resulting in stimulating, refreshing fragrances perfect for the warmer months.

Aquatic florals are reminiscent of sparkling water bodies, blooming gardens, and the invigorating feel of a cool breeze. These scents often feature water lily, iris, lotus, and other water-loving plants, creating an olfactory experience that is both uplifting and calming.

Aquatic Florals Fragrance Trend

For inspiration, consider Jean Paul Gaultier's La Belle Fleur Terrible, which beautifully blends water lily, iris, and vanilla. Or Jo Malone’s Crystal Campion Cologne, combining dew drop violet and rose with a woody, musky feel from Iso E Super.

Incorporate aquatic florals into your creations by choosing our fragrance oils that feature water-loving plants and flowers. These scents can be used in candles, soaps, and bath products to create a refreshing, revitalizing experience.

Lush Fruits: Capturing Summer Vibes

The second trend we're exploring is lush fruits. Nothing captures the carefree, joyful vibes of summer quite like the scent of ripe, juicy fruits.

This trend is all about celebrating the abundance of summer fruits like cherry, peach, and apricot. These scents are bright, cheerful, and perfect for those long, lazy summer days.

Lush Fruits Fragrance Trend

Take inspiration from Q by Dolce & Gabbana, which boasts a sweet and sour cherry heart. Or Tom Ford's Bitter Peach, blending juicy peach with blood orange and patchouli for a sweet and sensual scent.

Our range of fruity fragrance oils are perfect for capturing this trend in your own creations. Consider using them in wax melts or room sprays to fill your space with the delightful aroma of summer fruits.

Warm Scents: Comfort All Year Round

The third trend defies the seasons. Warm, comforting scents, once considered suitable only for the cooler months, are now inspiring year-round fragrances.

These scents feature notes of amber, vanilla, musk, and spices, creating an olfactory experience that is as comforting as a warm blanket on a cool evening. They're perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in any space, regardless of the season.

Warm Comfort Fragrance Trend

Molton Brown’s Rose Dunes is a perfect example of this trend, opening with a floral-amber bloom of saffron, velvety rose and rich dark oudh, with a signature of dark patchouli. Another excellent example is Christian Dior’s Patchouli Élixir Précieux, which unfurls all the intensity of patchouli essence.

Our range of warm fragrance oils will help you incorporate this trend into your creations. Consider using them in candles and diffusers to create a cosy, comforting atmosphere.

Aromatic Green and Woody Profiles: Nature's Embrace

The final trend we're exploring is aromatic green and woody profiles. As more and more people seek connection with nature, scents that evoke the experience of being in the natural world are on the rise.

These fragrances feature notes of moss, leaves, vines, grass, basil, and forest woods like vetiver and cedar. They create an olfactory experience that transports you to a verdant forest or a lush garden, providing a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Natures Embrace Fragrance Trend

Jo Malone’s Forest Moss combines fresh juniper with earthy geranium and aromatic moss, while Original Wood by DSQUARED² blends violet leaf, watery notes, and Guatemalan cardamom with silver fir, cedar, and Haitian vetiver.

Our selection of green and woody fragrance oils can help you embrace this trend in your creations. Use them in soaps, bath products, and body products to create a sensory experience that connects users with the natural world.

Craftovator: Your Guide to Fragrance Trends

As we look forward to Spring/Summer 2024, Craftovator is here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you're a hobbyist or a small business owner, our extensive range of professional quality, uncut fragrance oils will enable you to tap into these emerging trends and create products that your customers will love.

With our unique formulations, manufactured by the world's largest perfume houses in the UK, you'll have access to scents that can't be found anywhere else. And with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust Craftovator to provide you with the tools, ingredients, and inspiration you need to create amazing products.

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