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The Best Fragrance Oils Inspired By Top Perfumes

by Craftovator Studio 27 Jul 2021 8 Comments

Discover the best fragrance oils inspired by best-selling perfumes.

Designer perfumes bring a certain luxury to everyday life, whether it’s a sexy scent for winter nights or a fresh fragrance for summer days. You can capture the joy of high-end fragrances in your home by using perfume-inspired fragrance oils in your DIY candles, melts, and diffusers. We’ve got a pretty extensive collection of designer-inspired fragrance oils here at Craftovator, and these are our top ten favourites.

How close are these fragrance oils to the originals?

These fragrance oils are simply inspired by perfumes and are not exact duplicates. They follow the same general notes and categories but with a few creative alterations. If you like the inspiration, we’re almost certain you’ll love our interpretation.

Why choose a designer-inspired fragrance oil?

Your signature scent has been discontinued

No matter how popular a fragrance or beauty product may be, there’s still the chance it may get discontinued. What’s more, reformulations of fragrances can disappoint its most loyal noses! If your favourite “frag” is no longer in production or it has changed for the worse, recapture the magic in the form of a candle or diffuser. Sure, the fragrance oil may not be an exact duplicate, but it will certainly bring those beloved notes near enough.

You’re allergic to perfume

Perfume can irritate sensitive skin types and trigger certain allergies. If you can’t have fragrance applied directly to your skin, invite the joy of perfume into your home. Fragrance diffusers are a great way to enjoy high-end designer perfumes without the irritation of spray perfumes.

Perfume just doesn’t work for your lifestyle or budget

You may work in an environment or in a job where perfume just doesn’t fit. What’s more, perfumes may not be a part of your budget. Don’t give up on your go-to scent just yet! Make a scented candle or diffuser with a similar (or near-perfect) fragrance oil dupe and create a designer smell-scape in your home.

They make unforgettable gifts

Imagine unwrapping a gift to find a handmade diffuser and candle set scented with shadows of your all-time favourite (or long lost go-to) perfume. Tap into your loved one’s memory bank and make them a gift that takes them right back or even introduces them to a new signature scent profile.

The best designer perfume fragrance oils

Great Girl Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Carolina Herrera

An enigmatic fragrance inspired by the iconic Carolina Herrera perfume of a similar name (hint, the one with the irresistible stiletto bottle). This is a fragrance for anyone who loves sensual, complex notes like vanilla and amber, with fruitier tones of peach and apple.

Best for: creating a sultry winter/autumn atmosphere. An excellent scented candle gift for Valentine’s Day.

Decadent Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Marc Jacobs

A sophisticated scent with a particularly woody and oriental attitude. Plum is a dominant note in this moody fragrance, with some sweet florals like rose and jasmine.

Best for: mature, discerning tastes. Creating ambience on cold winter evenings. A lovely diffuser gift for a new job, milestone birthday, or anniversary.

Dark Orchid Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Tom Ford

One of the most beautiful fragrances in the spicy wood category, with pepper, clove, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli. Fruits and florals balance the spice, with peach, rose, and bergamot. A mysterious, warm fragrance.

Best for: autumn/winter evening ambience. A great date night or anniversary celebration scent.

Bamboo For Her Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Gucci

An unbeatable fragrance for warm seasons, with clean white florals and zesty citrus. Mandarin and lily pop, while amber and vanilla lay a warm and comforting foundation.

Best for: spring/summer days and nights. A great bathroom/restroom fragrance thanks to the sharp, uplifting notes. Great for anyone who loves feminine, bright scents.

Kloe Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Chloe

A floral fragrance that doesn’t lean toward the old-fashioned side. Tuberose and jasmine bring sweet femininity, with creamy ylang ylang to round it out.

Best for: bringing feminine florals to any room during all seasons. A gorgeous bedroom diffuser scent for dressing tables or bedside drawers.

La Vie Est Belle Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Lancome

Inspired by one of the most popular women’s fragrances of all time. This scent is undeniably sweet, but never cloying thanks to the complex note profile. You’ll love the bright bergamot, cassis, and grapefruit with gourmand vanilla and praline. The sweet fruits and florals are supported by earthy cedarwood, musk, and patchouli.

Best for: young women who love sweet, feminine fragrances. A perfect gift for a new mum who needs a bit of pampering! A great gift to add to a leaving-home/starting university package for young women.

Classique Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Jean Paul Gaultier

This fragrance, like its inspiration, has the perfect blend of sweet, floral, and spicy. Oriental amber is undeniable, while spicy ginger and cinnamon peak through alongside fruit, citrus, and soft florals. This is a perfect scent for lovers of all things sweet-meets-spicy.

Best for: cooler seasons, especially at night. The perfect evening candle scent for relaxing in the bath or with a glass of wine by the fire.

Siy Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Armani

A fruity, floral fragrance with fresh green notes that pop at first whiff. The base notes are soft, sweet, and sugary with vanilla and amber. A sweet-yet-sophisticated scent.

Best for: a lovely fragrance for autumn days and evenings. A perfect choice for anyone who loves sweet scents that have a secret fresh side. This would make a great wax melt for infusing creamy vanilla sweetness into any room.

Jo’s Grapefruit Fragrance Oil

Inspired by: Jo Malone

The citrus lover's dream, built on the crisp sweetness of fresh grapefruit. Florals and patchouli balance out orange and mandarin for an uplifting and calming scent.

Best for: the ultimate spring/summer fragrance. Ideal for adding freshness and zest to a beach house or holiday home.

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02 Nov 2023 Anna

Hi. How much is your perfume assessment.

16 Jul 2023 Zoe

Hi. Do you have a dupe for Bum Bum?

16 Jul 2023 Stephen Winters

I absolutely love your fragrance oils, will you be making more “similar to” fragrances in the future? And if so would you consider a suggestion page,?

16 Jul 2023 Hamed

Hi guys, I can use the oils to make perfumes in my country. I’m from Saudi Arabia and is the oils a good quality to start the perfume business ? thank you.

08 Nov 2022 Seny Nas

What is the procedure if I made perfum from ur product to sell. I’m thinking to create my own perfume ?

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