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Aromatherapy with Candles and Wax Melts

by Craftovator Studio 18 Jun 2018 1 comment

The effects of candle scents and smells are amazing. They can get you in the mood for just about anything – whether you need a pick me up, a calm relaxing night in or something to take you back in time to remind you of those warm winter nights or your day at the beach with your significant other.

The fresh smell of baby powder can immediately transport you back to your first moments with your new-born or even your own happy childhood (if your memory doesn’t fail you!).

Have you ever entered a bakery feeling stressed and anxious about your work meetings, deadlines and all the house work you’ve got left to do at home? Yet somehow, you leave the store feeling slightly chirpier and relaxed, almost as if you didn’t have a single worry in the world!

You get the point – each scent is unique with its own special effects it has on each individual person.

I’ve put together a little list of some common scents that you can use for your own at-home aromatherapy session – some even have medicinal properties and can do wonders on your emotional and physical health too. Grab your cuppa and enjoy! (Maybe a little notebook and pen too, to jot some new ideas for your next batch of wax melts and candles!)

Need a Lift? Try Some Peppermint!

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One of the quickest ways to add a spring to your step is by getting a good whiff of some peppermint. Peppermint oil can sharpen your senses and make you feel more alert than you did just moments before smelling it. Inhaling this popular mint aroma may even clear your sinuses and chest of congestion.

The scent is often cleverly fused with festive candy canes and sweet treats – so you might experience a sense of sweet nostalgia when you enter a room scented with peppermint. Perhaps you’ll get some flashbacks of childhood memories in winter of sticky candy canes or at the beach with slushies and ice-creams.

Peppermint can also be a great energy boost. The next time that you feel sleepy at work or when you are trying to study at home, try burning a peppermint candle and see what happens; you may very well experience that little burst of energy needed to get your mojo back!

Eucalyptus for Easy Breathing

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Why not tackle the winter cold & flu season by having eucalyptus scented candles burning in the house? A perfect way to clear your sinuses!

If you’re feeling really tired and congested but just can’t stand the smell of peppermint, why not try burning eucalyptus wax melts instead? Eucalyptus is especially effective at clearing congestion and making breathing easier in general. This distinctive aroma can also give you a boost of energy when you feel lazy and need to re-energize.

Lavender to Restore a Sense of Calm

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Everyone has that moment when everything seems so overwhelming and you just want to curl up in a ball and make all your problems disappear with the click of your finger. Well – you can do that, except not with the click of your fingers, but rather with a little lavender wax melt.

A soft lavender scent can do you wonders – breathe in the scent and you’ll soon forget the work meeting that has been looming in the back of your mind. Or just sprinkle a few drops of lavender fragrance oil in your next batch of candles and you may quickly stop obsessing about the snide comment your co-worker made or the strange expression on your sweetheart’s face after your last dinner date.

I find that a lavender wax melt near my bedside can actually also help me sleep on those nights that I feel like I’m constantly tossing and turning; and burning a lavender candle next to my bath always make sure that I begin the next day feeling calm, relaxed and ready to get my day started.

Citrus for High Spirits

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Have the grey skies and the gloomy winter weather given you a severe case of down-in-the-dumps syndrome? Well, a fresh, citrus scent is the perfect pick-me-up!

Whether that’s lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit, all of these fresh scents have a way of reversing those dark, gloomy feelings. No matter how grumpy I might have been, it lifts my mood and makes me feel a little chirpier (although my chirpy-ness levels can also depend on whether I’ve eaten or not!).

Another lovely citrus aroma is that of bergamot – this scent is probably on my list of favourites – citrusy, yet with a hint of bitterness and spice.

Anyhow, whichever citrus scent takes your fancy, make sure you stock up on your wax melts and candles in this scent for those dreary days to come!

The Power of Nostalgia

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The nostalgic lift you get as a result of different candle scents may just surprise you! Whiffs of sweet apple pie and peach tarts may take your mind back to your Grandma’s delicious cooking, rhubarb and custard may remind you of your favourite childhood sweets, whilst a strong, rich coffee scent may transport you into your favourite coffee shop with your best friend.

Why not decorate your home, or even just your bedroom, with candles that remind you of all those special memories?

A touch of aromatherapy can really have amazing results on both our mental and physical states – minimising stress levels, creating healthier relationships, boosting our energy and productivity levels and overall improve general quality of life.

In fact, it’s probably best to not wait until the next time you feel rotten to get all your therapeutic candles out or worse, to start making them then. Imagine making a candle when you’re in a bad mood – the results would be disastrous!

So why not get your hands stuck in to a few aromatherapy craft projects now – maybe one pick-me-up scented candle, one to bring back good memories and one just to give a big boost of energy? Now’s the best time to get busy and stocked up on your home aromatherapy supplies!

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Amazing piece of content, Thank you for sharing this blog….

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