464 & 494 Wax Alternatives

Hi guys, Kimberly here! As a fellow Candle Maker and Wax Melt Maker I completely understand how difficult it is to change over your wax, especially if it's something that you're used to using and that you love. If you are currently looking for alternatives for 464 or 494 wax, we have a few alternatives that we think you are really going to love.

They are all from our EcoSoya range so they are all natural. The first one for our container waxes is a CB-135 Wax, we also have the CB-Advanced Wax as well, both of these are just excellent for scent throw. They have a fragrance load of up to 12% which is excellent, they both come in palette forms so they're really easy to use, they're going to give you really wonderful results in your candles especially if you're used to working with soy for wax melts.

The next is the EcoSoya Pillar Blend Wax, this is again a really excellent high quality wax with brilliant scent throw, this one takes up to 10% fragrance load as well so you can get some really nice strong smelling Wax Melts, it's also are all natural and cruelty free.

Definitely try our Eco soy range, we think you're really gonna like it, and if you do, let you know, we love to hear your feedback!