Golden Wax 464 Soy Wax

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A natural soy wax containing a soy based additive for reduced frosting & increased fragrance load

GW 464 is a good quality soy wax produced by global wax giant AAK under the Golden Brands name. The lower melting point of this wax enables it to have improved jar adhesion and helps prevent wet spots to give your candles a professional look. The wax has a higher fragrance load than most other natural waxes although 7-8% is usually more than enough for a great hot and cold scent throw. This wax is prone to circular surface cracking, but this can usually be reduced/eliminated by good temperature control.

  • In flake form – easy to measure, handle and use
  • Melting point: 45 - 48°c
  • Pour Temperature: 65 - 75°C
  • Max Fragrance Load: 10%+