Evening Primrose 9% GLA Refined Oil

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Evening Primrose  Refined Oil is a natural Refined Vegetable Oil that exhibits a specific fatty acid distribution with high content in gamma - linolenic acid (GLA, an Omega-6), presenting a minimum 9 % GLA content. Gamma - linolenic acid is an important intermediary in the metabolic conversion of linolenic acid into Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) one of many prostaglandins which are interconvertible, and which modulate the action of many hormones.

Acts as a skin conditioning agent. It is a yellow to pale yellow oil extracted from Evening Primrose seed by a combination of cold pressing and low temperature solvent extraction, followed by refining. Used for skin care.

It offers ease of spreading, great penetration and significant moisture retention combined with its high nourishing properties.

It is also an ideal ingredient that is easily incorporated in all kinds of cosmetics from rinse-off to leave-on products. Ideally suited for dry skin, sensitive skin and general skin care products.


MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), INCI, Allergen Declaration and Specification to comply with all UK and EU regulations:

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Certificate of Analysis LOT0007214