Brazil Nut Refined Oil

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Brazil nut oil contains mainly palmitic, oleic, linoleic and alpha linolenic acids and small amounts of myristic and stearic acids and phytosterols.

In addition to protein and fat, Brazil nuts provide the highest natural source of selenium. It is said to be very useful as a hair conditioner and it also helps renew dry, lifeless hair and split-ends and allows hair to remain soft and silky.

It provides stabilising detergent properties and helps clean the hair. For the skin it acts as a moisturiser and provides antioxidant benefits, helping to prevents dryness and leaving the skin soft and smooth.

  • Light Texture
  • Pale Yellow Hue
  • Quick Absorption
  • Highly Moisturizing
  • Natural Emollient
  • Sweet, Nutty Aroma


MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), INCI, Allergen Declaration and Specification to comply with all UK and EU regulations:

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Certificate of Analysis LOT0002378

Certificate of Analysis LOT0009049