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Quick View Kerawax 4600 Paraffin Pillar Wax

Kerawax 4600 Paraffin Pillar Wax

£3.95 - £72.95
Professional grade paraffin wax blend, perfect for pillar candles & wax melts This specially blended paraffin wax is of superior quality, developed by an industry-leading manufacturer to produce a professional wax blend. Perfect for candle...
Quick View Keraxax 4105 Container Paraffin Palm Wax

Kerawax 4105 Container Wax Blend

£3.95 - £74.95
Superior rapeseed and paraffin wax blend for container candles Manufactured by Kerax, a leading UK wax manufacturer, Kerawax 4105 combines the unbeatable scent throw of a paraffin wax with the creamy appearance and marketing benefits of clean, natural...
Quick View Sasol 6213 Paraffin Container Wax

Sasol 6213 Paraffin Container Wax

£3.95 - £72.95
A professional-grade blend of paraffin & vegetable wax Sasol 6213 candle wax has long been established as the industry standard for high end luxury container candle manufacturers in the UK and across Europe. Made to exacting standards, 6213 is a...