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Quick View Rose Water (Hydrolat).

Rose Water (Hydrolat)

£2.25 - £69.95
 It is super versatile, beautiful smelling, gentle and safe to use directly from the bottle Rosewater is scented water with oils made with rose petals while rose water hydrosol is the aromatic water that remains after steam-distilling of roses...
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Quick View Lavender Organic Water.

Lavender Organic Water

£2.25 - £69.95
Lavender water can be used as a completely natural and harmless substitute for thermal/micellar water or a tonic Just like rose water, lavender water is a mood enhancer that works instantly to make you feel refreshed and forget all about stress...
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Quick View Chamomile Roman Water (Hydrosol).

Chamomile Roman Water (Hydrosol)

£3.25 - £106.45
Delicate, soothing and calming. Suitable for all skin types  Chamomile (Roman) flower water has a light, sweet, floral and herbaceous aroma, which is used for peace, relaxation and soothing both physically and mentally. Used frequently in baby...
Quick View Monoi Infusion In Coconut Oil.

Monoi Infusion In Coconut Oil

£1.95 - £57.95
Monoi oil is an infused oil made from soaking petals of the Tiare flower, also known as the Tahitian gardenia Both the flower and oil are native to French Polynesia. For centuries, Polynesians used the oil to anoint newborns, purify objects, and...
Quick View Vanilla Infusion In Sunflower Oil.

Vanilla Infusion In Sunflower Oil

£12.95 - £475.25
Vanilla is a flavouring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla. Primarily it comes from the Mexican flat-leaved vanilla Vanilla is one of the most popular fragrances in the world with its calming and soothing fragrance which has resulted in it being...
Quick View Calendula Infusion In Sunflower Oil.

Calendula Infusion In Sunflower Oil

£1.95 - £57.95
Calendula oil is a natural oil extracted from marigold flowers Calendula oil has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds and soothing eczema. Calendula oil may be an alternative...
Quick View Orange Water (Hydrosol).

Orange Water (Hydrosol)

£3.25 - £106.45
This hydrosol is refreshing and uplifting with the added benefits of both antibacterial and antiviral properties Orange Hydrosol can be used as a room or body spray, or as an ingredient in your own skin care applications. Pure and...
Quick View St Johns Wort Infusion In Sunflower Oil.

St Johns Wort Infusion In Sunflower Oil

£1.95 - £57.95
St John's Wort infused in Sunflower oil has soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Beneficial for inflamed skin conditions, minor wounds, burns, sores and bruises. It is excellent for use on the skin as it has soothing, anti-inflammatory,...
Quick View Camellia Infusion In Sunflower Oil.

Camellia Infusion In Sunflower Oil

£1.95 - £57.95
The oil is high in Omega 3 (oleic acid) and essential fatty acids which are beneficial for healthy skin Camellia oil is a great source of natural antioxidants and nutrients. It is a light easily absorbed oil, recommended for facial massage blends...
Quick View Comfrey Infusion In Sunflower Oil.

Comfrey Infusion In Sunflower Oil

£1.95 - £57.95
Light aroma due to its controlled infusion in Sunflower Oil. Comfrey is a plant that has been renowned for its healing properties for centuries. Comfrey promotes the growth of new skin cells and helps to increase the resilience of sensitive skin...
Quick View Arnica Infusion In Sunflower Oil.

Arnica Infusion In Sunflower Oil

£2.45 - £73.45
  Derived from the arnica flower of the sunflower family, arnica oil helps to reduce inflammatory pain when applied topically. Typically it's used for the pain and swelling associated with bruises, sprains, pulls, muscle...