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Quick View Raspberry Seed Exfoliant.

Raspberry Seed Exfoliant

£1.45 - £39.75
Great addition to soaps, body scrubs & facial scrubs for a natural exfoliation Raspberry Seed Exfoliant is a soft and original exfoliant ideal for the care of fragile skin. It is gentler than ground shells, stones or salts and offers a light scent...
Quick View Pumice Powder Exfoliant.

Pumice Powder Exfoliant

£1.45 - £39.75
Pumice-based hand scrubs and soap remove the most stubborn grime without needing harsh chemicals Pumice powder is a natural exfoliant. Light grey grains. It is ground, sifted and irradiated – contains no additives of preservatives. It is naturally...
Quick View Peach Stones Exfoliant.

Peach Stones Exfoliant

£2.45 - £81.25
Let's get scrubbing! Finely ground Peach Stone gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells as it polishes your skin for a smooth complexion. Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and naturally healthy-looking. The natural scrub sits well in most...
Quick View Almond (Sweet) Shells Exfoliant.

Almond (Sweet) Shells Exfoliant

£2.45 - £81.25
Beautiful tan and light brown speckled powder that provides medium to aggressive abrasion when incorporated into exfoliating natural beauty and personal care products Almond Shell Powder is a finely ground, beautiful tan and light brown speckled powder...
Quick View Coffee Green Seed Exfoliant.

Coffee Green Seed Exfoliant

£7.25 - £60.75
Let's get scrubbing! Having a cup of coffee in the morning is like a ritual for most of us, you'll be glad to know that coffee has certain skin benefits too. Coffee Green Seed Exfoliant is an effective method of removing dead skin, creating a...
Quick View Apricot Stones Exfoliant.

Apricot Stones Exfoliant

£2.45 - £81.25
Fine apricot stone powder is a rich additive for lotions or balms. Its creamy texture adds a pleasant look and feel Apricots Stones are a natural exfoliant. This coarse, granular powder is excellent in soaps and scrubs to help remove dead skin. The...
Quick View Walnut Shells Exfoliant.

Walnut Shells Exfoliant

£7.25 - £60.75
Let's get scrubbing! Walnut shells Exfoliant is a Natural Product, safe to use on the face and skin. It is very much safe and easy to use as a cosmetic ingredient in making: Facial scrubs, skin cleansers, peeling creams, exfoliants, foot scrubs and...