Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

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A calming, soothing effect on the mind and body and can help with respiratory and skin problems

Atlas Cedarwood essential oil has a woody, balsamic aroma with smoky undertones. 

Cedarwood has also been included in formulations for its ability to aid with greasy skin, hair strengthening & dandruff reduction.

Cedarwood Atlas is strengthening and stabilising. This oil is ideal for use during periods of confusion and emotional upheaval to help focus the mind and steady the soul.

When used as an aromatherapy treatment, cedarwood oil may have sedative qualities, making it beneficial for alleviating occasional insomnia. 

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), INCI, IFRA Statement,  Allergen Declaration and Specification to comply with all UK and EU regulations:

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Certificate of Analysis LOT0009032