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Quick View Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender Essential Oil

£2.95 - £359.95
Craftovator presents Lavender Essential Oil... This is our most popular commercial grade, the cheapest Lavender you will find. The beautiful Lavender plant produces bright blue Lavender flowers, grown in the southern regions of France. French steam...
Quick View Orange Sweet Essential Oil.

Orange Sweet Essential Oil

£1.95 - £219.95
Sweet! This immune boosting gem of an essential oil is one of our favourites. Harvested & distilled in Brazil, this tangy oil carries many a benefit. You will have come across orange oil when peeling the fruit in your hands, you will feel the...
Quick View Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil.

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

£1.95 - £219.95
Craftovator presents Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil... We have lots of different kinds of Cedarwood, the 'Atlas' version being the most common & cost effective of all. However if you are looking for a particular INCI Listing or origin, please have a...
Quick View Bergamot FCF Essential Oil.

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil

£2.45 - £279.45
Sensational citrus!  This oil is produced in beautiful rolling hills of Sicily,, it is aptly named after the city of Bergamo in Lombardy. This sensational citrus oil is wild harvested from the roaming Italian hills, the Bergamot peel (very...
Quick View Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

£4.45 - £624.95
Craftovator presents Ylang Ylang Essential Oil... Its aroma is the intensely sweet and floral with slight herbaceous undertones. This oil is a real mood swinger, its aroma delivers calm and tranquillity hence its popularity in aromatherapy &...
Quick View Lemon Essential Oil.

Lemon Essential Oil

£1.95 - £219.95
Lets detox! This oil is produced in the beautiful rolling hills of Sicily. This sensational citrus oil is wild harvested from the roaming Italian hills, the Lemon peel is then expressed for its oil bursting citrus aroma & flavour. This oil is rich...
Quick View Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

£1.95 - £219.95
Craftovator presents Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil... We offer a decent range of Eucalyptus oils to suit whatever your requirement. Eucalyptus Globulus being our most common grade of oil, steam distilled from the leaves & twigs of the...
Quick View Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

£1.95 - £219.95
Craftovator presents Lemongrass Essential Oil... Our wild harvested West Indian Lemongrass is a hit with formulators, mainly due to its fresh aroma, its something different to that of standard Lemon oil. The grass (or leaves) that is wild harvested is...
Quick View Neroli Light Essential Oil.

Neroli Light Essential Oil

£2.95 - £359.95
Strictly for elegant ladies!  This natural commercial blend is a fantastic seductive oil. The name was founded from Princess Nerola of Italy who was known to wear it as her scent. The scent is sweet & floral and blends wonderfully with anything...
Quick View Juniperberry Essential Oil.

Juniperberry Essential Oil

£2.95 - £359.95
Drop of Juniper! Steam distilled from the berries of the Juniper shrub, this oil is woody in aroma. Juniperberry is popular as a room fragrance due to its pleasant spicy aroma. This oil is often blended amongst other essential oils such as Cypress, Sage...
Quick View Geranium Egyptian Essential Oil.

Geranium Egyptian Essential Oil

£5.95 - £204.95
Craftovator presents Geranium Egyptian Essential Oil... Cultivated & distilled in Egypt this oil carries a beautiful rosy scent, so if you are looking for a floral addition, look no further. The leaves, stalks & flowers of the plant are all...
Quick View Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

£2.45 - £279.45
Craftovator presents Tea Tree Essential Oil... It is fair to say Tea Tree Oil is the super-power of the essential oil world. Extremely versatile & popular in its application directly onto the skin and within your formulations. We offer a wide...
Quick View Lime Essential Oil.

Lime Essential Oil

£2.45 - £279.45
Craftovator presents Lime Essential Oil... Our Mexican limes are hand picked and in this case the Lime peel is gently expressed to create a powerful lime explosion of aroma and taste, commonly used in both flavour and fragrance. The physically expressed...
Quick View Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

£2.95 - £359.95
Craftovator presents Grapefruit Essential Oil... We all know this fruit, full of goodness, full of vitamin C, it is a super essential oil to not only deliver fragrance but also flavour. We physically express this oil from the peel of the grapefruit...
Quick View Pine Sylvestris Essential Oil.

Pine Sylvestris Essential Oil

£2.95 - £359.95
Craftovator presents Pine Sylvestris Essential Oil... We offer a range of Pine Oils, so please do have a scan through our range. Grown & harvested from a tall evergreen tree, the tree produces long Pine needles which we then steam distil. It...
Quick View Peppermint Mentha Arvensis Essential Oil.

Peppermint Mentha Arvensis Essential Oil

£1.95 - £219.95
Craftovator presents Peppermint Mentha Arvensis Essential Oil... We offer a wide range on Mint oils, so be sure to have a scan of our range. All of our mints are grown & distilled in India and offer you the menthol kick you require. Suitable for...
Quick View Citronella Java Essential Oil.

Citronella Java Essential Oil

£1.95 - £219.95
Craftovator presents Citronella Java Essential Oil... This tropical grass is wild harvested & steam distilled to deliver a historic essential oil. We stick to supplying the Java type for its ability to yield large amounts of oil & be more cost...
Quick View Peppermint Mentha Piperita Essential Oil.

Peppermint Mentha Piperita Essential Oil

£2.45 - £279.45
Craftovator presents Peppermint Mentha Piperita Essential Oil... We offer a wide range on Mint oils, so be sure to have a scan of our range. All of our mints are grown & distilled in India and offer you the menthol kick you require. Suitable...