White Chunky Fibre Diffuser Reeds

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Professional reed diffuser sticks to perfect your diffuser range

Custom made for use in reed diffusers and of superior quality to traditional rattan reeds. Fibre diffuser sticks have been designed to clog less and have a dense and vibrant appearance in all colourways, even when dry. Our fibre diffuser reeds are sturdy and evenly coloured, perfect for enhancing the appearance of your reed diffusers and offering a professional image.

Compatible with a range of alcohol based, water based and oil based fragrance diffuser products, the fragrance will be diffused along the entire length of the reed for a consistant fragrance throw and require less flipping than other reeds. Our fibre reeds have a porous structure that provides a controlled rate of fragrance release throughout the life-span of your diffuser. 

Simply place the fibre sticks into your diffuser bottle, the oil will then saturate into the reeds, and as it wicks up it will release the aroma into the air.  It will take a few days for the reeds to absorb the oil to then carry the scent into the air.  To intensify fragrance and for best results, we recommend flipping the reeds every so often. Enhance your reed diffuser's professional appearance with a stylish bottle and a choice of caps (bottles and caps sold seperately).

Colour: White

Size: 6mm x 175mm

Please note: Pale reeds can be discoloured by fragrance oil, especially white reeds. Therefore, these are best used with clear oils.