Sasol 6213 Paraffin Container Wax

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A professional-grade blend of paraffin & vegetable wax

Sasol 6213 candle wax has long been established as the industry standard for high end luxury container candle manufacturers in the UK and across Europe. Made to exacting standards, 6213 is a premium blend of the highest quality mineral and vegetable waxes. For the past 20 years, 6213 has been the wax of choice for producing candles which adhere to the highest standards of excellence. It is well known for its excellent burning properties, superb fragrance retention, unrivaled hot and cold fragrance throw and adhesion to the side of the container glass.

6213 is a superb proven all-rounder with its continuous consistent quality which has stood the test of time. Due to the soft nature of this wax it is provided in slabs; these are easy to cut and make handling a breeze.

  • In slab form
  • Melting point: ~48C
  • Pour Temperature: 76-80°C
  • Max Fragrance Load: 7%
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