Purple Candle Dye Chips

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Professional candle dye chips work great with paraffin, soy & natural waxes for fantastic colour

Extremely simple to use with virtually no mess – simply stir the chip(s) into the melted wax until fully dissolved. You can test a drop on a cold, white saucer for the true colour it will be when cooled. Each diamond-shaped chip will colour at least 500g of paraffin wax – if a lighter shade is desired, simply use more wax. Alternatively, if a darker shade is desired or if using in soy wax or other natural waxes, using more than one chip will achieve incredible colour depth.

Please note if using additives such as stearin or vyber, lighter colours will be achieved. Actual colours will vary with the type of wax used and we encourage plenty of testing until you find a consistent shade you’re satisfied with!

Colour: Purple


Candle Dye Chips are available in dozens of colours.