Elite 300 Palm Pillar Wax

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A high-performance vegetable wax blend for high quality pillar candles & wax melts

NatureWax Elite 300 is a 100% sustainable natural wax which is ideal for pillar candle applications, made from pure RSPO certified palm wax. This wax offers a smooth finish when it's hot-poured and a textured finish when cold-poured. As a specially designed pillar wax blend, it is designed to contract from the moulds to enable easy mould release - ideal for professional wax melts and tarts. Elite 300 has an exceptional scent throw with both fragrances and essential oils with virtually no frosting with dyes. 

  • In powder form – easy to measure, handle and use
  • Melting point: 60-70°C
  • Pour Temperature: 70°C
  • Max Fragrance Load: 10%
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Additional Info