EcoSoya Pillar Blend Soy Wax

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A professional pillar & tart soy wax from a world-leading manufacturer

NGI have re-introduced EcoSoya Pillar Blend, made from pure soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. This wax is perfect for pillars, votives, tarts, wax melts and novelty candles as it is designed to contract from the moulds to enable easy mould release. This does mean that two to three pours will be needed to fill the void left as the wax contracts while setting; this will be seen as dips in wax melts, so leaving space for a second pour is recommended. It creates beautiful smooth creamy white candles, with exceptional hot and cold scent throw with fragrance oils.

  • In pellet form – easy to measure, handle and use
  • Melting point: 53°c
  • Pour Temperature: 70°C
  • Max Fragrance Load: 10%
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Additional Info

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