Candle Making Kit (Pick Your Scents & Colour)

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Vegan Friendly Yes
Cruelty Free Yes
Paraben Free Yes
Fragrance Oil Theme Required
Dye Colour Required

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Create your own personalised scented soy candles with an easy-to-follow guide

Our kit contains everything you need to create 5 of your own handmade highly scented vegan soy candles. The easy-to-use kit comes complete with a detailed instructional guide with helpful hints and tips to help you make the most out of the kit. With almost 30 fragrance themes and over 10 colours to mix and match, the sky really is the limit to your creativity!

Buy a top rated candle making kit from the UK's no. 1 supplier for candle making supplies and get ready to be hooked with an addictive new hobby. Who knows - you may even want to start an entrepreneurial journey to combine with your new-found passion once you've perfected your makes!

Each kit creates 5 candles and includes:

  • 1kg KeraSoy Container wax
  • 3 x 30cl candle jars
  • 2 x 20cl candle jars
  • 3 x Stabilo 16 wicks
  • 2 x Stabilo 10 wicks
  • Your choice of 5 scents (10 x 10ml bottles to make a total of 20ml per fragrance oil)
  • Your choice of colour (1 x 10ml liquid dye)
  • Step by step instructions (can also be downloaded here)
Vegan Friendly:
Cruelty Free:
Paraben Free: