9 Heart & Star Wax Melt Clamshell

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Perfect for professionally presented wax melts!

Our plastic clamshell boxes are perfect for making and presenting your wax melts, as they take the hassle out of selecting from different mould and packaging options. Essentially a 2-in-1 mould and presentation box, they also include a large blank area to the front on which you can affix your branded labels. Perfect for personal use, to gift or to sell!

Our clamshells are manufactured from high quality 500 micron plastic - each clamshell has 9 cells/cavities. Ideal for pouring 9 different fragrances or colours! 

Important Points:

  • Allow wax to cool to approximately 55°C before slowly pouring
  • Always pour on a protected surface
  • Pour a small amount into each cavity first and allow to set slightly, to check for any weak spots or small leakages. If all is okay, proceed to slowly fill to your desired fill level
  • Allow to cool before closing the lid and leave to cure as necessary
  • We recommend using a pillar blend of wax as this type is harder and will allow your melts to be easily released from the mould