One Great Graduation Gift for Candle Lovers

Graduation season is just around the corner now and if you’re reading this you’re probably stumped on gift ideas and need a little inspiration on what to get or, better still, what to make! A handmade touch always makes a gift that much more special so I’ve come up with the perfect idea - a beautifully scented, personalised candle.

Now the steps to create the actual candle you can find on this link, but this blog will actually be focussed on the “personalisation” part. Whether you just want to have a “Congratulations Mary!” or “To my brainy best friend” on the candle container, accompanied with a black graduation cap, you really do have a whole heap of options.

Once you have your candle ready in a glass container, this is where the fun begins. For glass container candles, I’d recommend you use the Clear Water Slide Decal paper (most likely you’ll need the Inkjet pack, but you can get the laser printer pack instead if you need to). In your mind you should have a rough design idea or message to include on the candle - you must then create this on something like Microsoft Word or even an online tool such as Canva. Seeing as I’m guessing everybody here is after a bit of inspiration, take a look at some I found on the net:

(Disclaimer: all images are linked to the appropriate source address)

Once you’re happy with your design, print it out onto the decal paper and then follow the instructions in this video on how to transfer your design onto the candle containers:

Once your candle containers are fully dry – that’s it! You’ve completed your very own hand made graduation gift! (Remember to make it smell as good as it looks – why not add the lucky receiver’s favourite fragrance oil to the candle wax mixture?)