Seasonal Fragrance Oil Potpourri That Will Perk Up Your Home for Winter!

I do appreciate finding as many ways to scent my home as possible. Candles, wax tarts, fragrance oils… I love them all! One of the easiest ways to accessorize your setting with lovely aromas is to place potpourri in various places. You can position little sachets strategically in places that may require extra attention (such as the areas that your pets seem enjoy). A lovely bowl of potpourri also makes a perfect home décor item. Simply pour some of your favourite blend in a pretty container, and put it any place that could use some beautification. Another method for making the most of potpourri is to let it simmer in a pot (but always be sure you are nearby, and never leave potpourri simmering when you are away from home). I have found so many ways to get pleasure from this wonderful stuff!

I find that I prefer certain scents more than others at various times during the year. In spring and summer, I tend to utilise light, floral scents. In fall and winter, I rely on heavier scents in my home. I associate the colder months with smells such as cloves, cinnamon, oranges, and fragrant pine needles. I can almost smell the festive scents of the season as I sit here and write this!

In the spirit of doing as much as I can myself – instead of needlessly spending money on such things in the shops – I am going to create a few seasonal fragrance oil potpourri recipe ideas here today. I hope you will get some use from these – and perhaps, you will also be inspired to create a few recipes of your own.

Candy Cane Wonderland

I cannot endure a winter season without indulging in at least one candy cane. They remind me of childhood, and I love the smell and flavour of peppermint – so why don’t we start off with a fabulous candy cane potpourri? This blend will be as festive and beautiful as it is aromatic. Because it contains materials that should not be heated, this potpourri is one that you should display rather than simmer.

You will need:

  • mixing bowl (glass or ceramic is best for this recipe)
  • mixing utensil
  • unscented aroma beads
  • unscented crystal craft rocks
  • small, decorative plastic candy canes
  • candy cane fragrance oil
  • liquid candle dye or food colouring (optional)
  • glass jar or bowl

Step One: Prepare the aroma beads – Fill the mixing bowl with aroma beads, and apply several drops of the fragrance oil to them. Use a mixing utensil to blend them well (always be careful not to get the fragrance oil on your skin). If you wish, you may also add liquid candle dye or food colouring – but only add a drop or two at most. Allow the aroma beads to thoroughly absorb the fragrance oil; this can take from one to several days.

Step Two: Add the remaining ingredients – Once the aroma beads have absorbed the scent, you may add the remainder of your ingredients. Place the plastic candy canes near the top of your display jar or bowl.

*Always keep this and any other finished craft project away from children. This is especially important with craft items such as potpourri, which may look enticingly edible but is most certainly not.

Pine Potpourri

The smell of fresh pine can send me into a blissful reverie when I’m feeling the usual pressures associated with the season. Breathing in that woodsy aroma is almost like taking a bit of a holiday – at least, momentarily. I would like to replicate that smell in a potpourri, so I may enjoy it anytime I wish. If you like the smell of pine as much as I do, then I believe this is a great seasonal fragrance oil potpourri for you to try. This potpourri is another one for display only (it would not be appropriate for simmering in water). In fact, it is almost more of a centerpiece than a potpourri; but since the ingredients will all be placed together in a bowl, I am including it here today. It is very quick and easy to assemble.

You will need:

  • mixing bowl
  • mixing utensil
  • tiny pine cones (If you are unable to gather these yourself, they may be purchased via various craft shops.)
  • pine branches (If you cannot find these where you live, you can buy artificial branches in fabric stores and craft shops.)
  • holly twigs and berries (Real or artificial will do.)
  • ribbon (optional)
  • pine fragrance oil
  • vanilla fragrance oil (optional)
  • display container

Step One: Place the pine cones, branches, and needles in the mixing bowl. Sprinkle them with several drops of pine fragrance oil. You may also want to use a drop or two of vanilla fragrance oil to add a sweet element and a bit of complexity to the overall aroma. Gently mix everything in the bowl with your utensil.

Step Two: Place the mixed items in a display container, positioning everything so that it looks appealing. Add the holly twigs and berries. Finish the piece by tying a festive ribbon around the container.

Seasonal Spice

This one is perfect for fall and winter – and it is certainly a potpourri that you could simmer on a stovetop or in a slow cooker. It contains a heavenly combination of spices and scents to help you survive even the dreariest days of winter.

You will need:

This potpourri is sooo easy to make! Just add several drops of the fragrance oils to all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Allow the ingredients and oils to set for a few hours before you place them in a display container or simmer them in water. This potpourri also makes a thoughtful gift – simply place it in a mason jar, wrap a ribbon around it, and attach a gift tag.

I can think of dozens of more blends that would be perfect for this season. What kinds of seasonal fragrance oil potpourri combinations would you like to create?