Paraffin Wax: It’s Not Just for Candles!

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If you have dabbled in candle making, then you probably know how useful paraffin wax is for such a project; but did you know that this versatile substance may be used for a wide range of other purposes? I recently did some research on paraffin wax because I had read that it is utilized for arthritis pain management; I must admit that I was fairly surprised to learn this! I have certainly used plenty of the stuff in my candle making adventures, and I knew it was an ingredient for other craft projects – from crayon production to wax relief painting to creating wax hand replicas.

However, paraffin wax may also be used for a broad assortment of practical purposes. Below, I will share with you some of the uses I discovered in my research. Perhaps you will be able to apply a few of them in your own life – I am planning to implement several of these ideas, myself!

*A tip for saving time and money: To perform some of these tasks, you will need a bar of wax to rub on various surfaces. Since I usually have plenty of paraffin wax beads available for my craft projects, I feel that purchasing a bar of wax would simply be a waste of money. I can just as easily melt the beads, pour them in the mould of my choice, and quickly create a unit of wax that could easily be applied as needed.

Arthritis Relief

As I mentioned above, paraffin wax may be used for pain management by people who have arthritis. By heating the wax, you can utilise it to ease the stiffness and pain that accompany this unfortunate health condition. Simply melt 1.8kg of paraffin wax in a double boiler, along with a cup of mineral oil. Because this is a DIY medical procedure – and I am not qualified to dispense medical advice, I will refer you to this link if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating practice. If you have arthritis, I truly hope that the method yields some relief for you.

Protection for Cast Iron Products

Paraffin wax may be found in the form of a protective coating on many cast iron products, from pie irons to cast iron grill grates. Once you have such an item in your possession, you will need to burn off the wax (or soak it and remove it with very hot water) before you season it.

Lubricating a Sledge

This is a timely tip for the winter season if you reside in or plan to visit an area that gets much snow: Rub the bottom of a sledge with wax to help it slide smoothly across the snow. The next time I go on a holiday in the snow, I will bring along plenty of paraffin wax for the sledge!

Non-Stick Coating for Snow Shovel

Another tip for those of you who are lucky enough to experience much snow: Unless you have a snow shovel with an anti-stick coating (some of the more expensive versions come equipped with this), you might create a coating yourself. You could rub wax on the surface, or you may wish to melt some wax and apply it only to the blade.

Rubbish Bin Protector

If you have problems with various items sticking to the interior of your rubbish bins, paraffin wax could provide an inexpensive solution. Melt a bit of wax and use it to coat the inside area of the bins, and this may significantly reduce the amount of time you must devote to cleaning them.

Sealing Bottles

Are you a fan of brewing beer or making wine at home? You may be glad to learn that you will not require an expensive sort of wax to seal the bottles. All that you need is some paraffin wax and a metal container. If you wish to create a decorative effect, dip the neck of each bottle in a metal tin that contains the melted wax (use a double boiler to heat the wax). You could also add dye chips to colour the wax for a particularly attractive look. I recommend using a container that you do not use for any other purpose to heat and hold the melted wax; it will likely be difficult to remove from the tin when you are done with it. You could also pour the wax onto the cork instead of dipping it, but the effect will not be as aesthetically appealing.

Jelly and Jam Jar Sealant

You may also use paraffin wax to seal jars after you have filled them with homemade jelly or jam. Be sure to leave a bit of room at the top of the jar (1.27cm should be sufficient). Pour wax over the top of the jar while the jelly or jam is still hot.

Lubricant for Drawers

If you find that the drawers in your desk or bureau stick a little too frequently, you might lubricate them with paraffin wax. Rub a bar of wax on the drawer sliders, and you should subsequently be able to move them in and out with ease.

Okay, I think we have explored quite a lot of great ways to use paraffin wax! Which of these strategies are relevant to your lifestyle? In doing my research on this topic, I remembered just how many ways that paraffin wax may be utilized for craft projects other than candle making – I may soon be sharing some of my ideas about those projects with you. Until then, I hope that the season ahead is lovely for you – may all of your creative endeavors be successful!

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