Apply Ultra Fine Glitter to Revamp Your Hair Accessories

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As countless women do, I have accumulated quite a collection of hair accessories throughout the years. Some of them have become rather worn, but I have kept them anyway – knowing that I would someday find a way to adorn them in some fabulous manner.

I generally think that the winter season is a lovely time to add some glitter to my life; I am going to decorate a few of my pieces that simply are no longer suitable for wearing as they are. Do you have any hair accessories that you think could be made better with a bit of adornment? If so, won’t you join me as I revamp my old pieces with ultra fine glitter? (If you do not currently have old or plain accessories available, they can typically be purchased very cheaply in discount stores, charity shops, and pound stores.) Even if you do not wear many (or any) hair accessories yourself, these could make wonderful gifts for women and girls of all ages. These are easy to create, inexpensive, and just in time for the holidays! Here are a few ideas that virtually anyone should be able to implement.

Sparkling Hair Clips

Any female with hair below her chin has probably worn a hair clip at one time or another. Hair clips come in a variety of sizes. I have a plain black one that has faded in places from too much use. Today, I am going to give it a new look in a few simple steps.

These are the items I will be using for this project:

Step One: Apply the primer – Since the primer I am using comes in spray form, I will spray it on a small paintbrush (being careful to first cover my work area with newspaper or another protective covering, of course!). Before the primer has a chance to dry on the brush, I will slather it on the surface I wish to embellish.

Step Two: Apply the glue – Once the primer has been applied, I will use a different brush to apply glue to the same surface area. When you do this, be sure to apply glue (and primer, of course) to the sides – as well as the top – of the hair clip. Failing to do that will make the final product look sloppy. Have you ever seen hair accessories or other items in discount stores that looked as though they had been painted as quickly as possible? That is a look we are trying to avoid with this project!

Step Three: Apply the glitter – This can be done in two ways: You may sprinkle the ultra fine glitter directly on the surface of the hair clip, or you can place a small amount of glitter in a small dish and dip the hair clip in the glitter. Do what is easiest for you. The method I choose varies depending on the shape of the piece I am decorating; in this case, I will gently sprinkle the glitter on the hair clip, adding more as needed. I have chosen a luxurious hue of deep purple ultra fine glitter, which will look stunning against the faded black of my hair clip.

Step Four: Shake off the excess glitter – An easy way to do this is to position the hair clip in the middle of a piece of paper, fold up the sides of the paper, tilt the open end of the paper toward a dish, and softly shake the excess glitter into the dish. Rather than disposing of the glitter, you can use it for a future project.

Step Five: Give the glue and glitter a few hours to set completely. If you want to be sure that the glitter adheres for as long as possible (and does not come loose in your hair and on your clothing), you might spray it evenly with some hairspray.

Now that you know how to add ultra fine glitter to a hair clip, you can follow the same basic steps to beautify any other hair accessories you wish. I have a plastic headband that was once a vibrant shade of red; however, it is now a dull colour that I would like to conceal. I will be following the same steps that I did for the hair clip, but I plan to use red ultra fine glitter to restore the original look of the piece (with some added sparkle).

Another option is to cut a piece of cardboard into several shapes of your choice (such as hearts and stars). Once you have done that, apply glue to both sides of each shape (be sure that you completely cover the items with glue). Then, apply primer and glue to a hair accessory (such as a hair clasp), and attach the shapes to the hair accessory accordingly. You will only want to apply primer and glue to the parts of the accessory that you plan to adorn.

Did you have fun with this project? I cannot wait to decorate more of my hair accessories!  

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